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 [リソース・チュートリアル] Settlement Keywords Expanded Download ID:12226 Author:Sharlikran 2017-03-22 13:11 Version:1.50
RATE: =339 G=3 TAG: [ワークショップ] [SKE] [日本語化対応]
Settlement Keywords Expanded Title画像

Settlement Keywords Expanded

使用するにはFallout 4の1.5.157以上が必要です。


Art Connoisseur System ... a ''Frame'' work
Cannabis Commonwealth
Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
Gruffydd's Signs of the Times
Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings
Summer Roses

Advanced Bubble Turret Set
Alternate Furniture
Alternate Settlements
Boston-Massachusetts flag textures for AlternateSettlements
Better Vendor Stalls
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
Minutemen Propaganda Posters
NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more...
Northland Grass - Trees - Landscape - Flora - etc
OCDecorator - Static Loot 2通りのパッチが存在
General of the Army - Minutemen and other faction leadership
Minutemen Overhaul 2.0
Placeable NPC's
Raider Themed Workshop Add-on -BRnB Standalone - Automatron Req.

Settle - Settlement Resources Revived

Business Settlements 1.9 (Standalone)

Advanced Settlement Turret Set
Crafting Fury 9000 GTX - Buildable armour stands - Decorations - Furniture
Conduits and Pylons Various Wireless Power Ranges
Just Curtains
Movable Power Armor
NX Pro Farming
Settlement Supplies Expanded
Stackable Brick Walls and Foundations
Where Did I Put That...

Better Stores v1.3
Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces V3.0
Build your own Vault
Functional Displays - Display Your Collection (The Original Display DLC)
Invisible Furniture
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Snap'n Build

Robot Home Defence

Minutemen Overhaul 2.0とGeneral of the Army 1.0.1(どちらか1つだけ選択すること)
  • 日本語化 Version:1.42 [#18] []
    2016-10-28 17:38:39 10KB [DOWNLOAD]
  • 日本語化 Version:1.34 [#9] []
    2016-07-03 07:56:01 11KB [DOWNLOAD]
  • 日本語化 Version:1.33 [#2] []
    2016-06-25 15:41:49 10KB [DOWNLOAD]
  • Settlement Keywords Expanded画像1
Fallout4 Nexus, Sharlikran. 22 Mar 2017. Settlement Keywords Expanded. 22 Apr 2016 <http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12226>.
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 [パッチ] Business Settlements - Settlement Keywords Extended Patch Download ID:15596 Author:MrJoseCuervo 2016-06-26 07:57 Version:1.0
RATE: =2 TAG: [パッチ] [SKE]
Fallout4 Nexus, MrJoseCuervo. 26 Jun 2016. Business Settlements - Settlement Keywords Extended Patch. 26 Jun 2016 <http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15596>.
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